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sexual intercourse Inflection edit Etymology edit From Middle Low German wippen. English edit the wippen of this piano is the part numbered. Pronunciation edit IPA ( key vpn Hyphenation: wippen Verb edit wippen ( third-person singular simple present wippt, past tense wippte, past participle gewippt, auxiliary haben ) to seesaw Conjugation edit Further kinky desktop versie reading edit Retrieved from " ". It is responsible for transmitting the motion of the key to the hammer. Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents. Noun edit wippen ( plural wippens ) ( music ) A component of the action of a mechanical keyboard instrument such as a piano or organ. Synonyms edit, further reading edit wippen at, oneLook Dictionary Search, pronunciation edit, noun edit wippen. The Action, the wippen is the part of the action that comes into direct contact with the key. The jack regulating button rests against the spoon, and can be adjusted to fine-tune the position of the jack. Etymology edit, you can help Wiktionary by providing a proper etymology. Follow the link to watch an animation of the wippen in action.

Gratis wippen
gratis wippen

Krijg 1 gratis credit, upload jouw foto en krijg 1 gratis credit om een bericht, flirt of ijsbreker te sturen. Wil jij meer credits? The wippen is set in motion when the pianist depresses the key. The spoon (9) is a metal support that holds the jack in the proper position. When the wippen is at rest, the wippen heel (1) rests on the capstan screw attached to the back of the key.

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The wippen body rotates on the wippen flange (4 which is supported by the wippen flange rail (5). Ja, ik wil 1 gratis credit. The hammer shank rest post (6) is located at the end of the wippen that is closest to the hammer head. The capstan screw pushes up on the wippen heel cushion (2 a felt pad attached to the heel, which causes the wippen body (3) to rotate. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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